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Calendimaggio, the most important festival of Assisi

Why don’t you choice to visit Umbria during the Calendimaggio in Assisi, Why don’t you organize your holidays in the middle of a big Event? Al the people are dressed in the medioeval age and many Tavernes are open to drink wine and taste the medioeval food.

History of Calendimaggio of Assisi

The festival of Calendimaggio in Assisi goes back to the fourteenth century when the rivalry between the “Parte of Sopra” and the “Parte of Sotto” which divided Assisi since 1330, when the two factions, the Napis family and the Fiurmi one, began a bloody struggle for supremacy which went on for more than 200 years.

The preparation for the festival is carried out by all the “partisans” in order to win the “Palio”, a red and blue banderole which is given to the winning side. The jury composed of persons coming from all parts of Italy, is called upon to decide which part is best in bringing to the return of Spring. It last for 3 days and it comprises the scenes: each side tries to do its best in order to set a medieval scenery, with serenades, dances and tales of life.

The processions of the two Parts which reach Piazza del Comune where the nobles alternate with the cheerful commoners and try the capture the spectators with surprises. The historical remarking of medieval dances and events are the last night the Parte de Sotto and the Parte de Sopra face each other in the final challenge: the singing contest take place. Those who are the best win the Palio.

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