Forest of St. Francis - Villamena Resort Assisi

Forest of St. Francis

The woodland Bosco di San Francesco, in the heart of Umbria

We are in Assisi, Umbria, at the foot of the Basilica, along the banks of river Tescio: the wood, renewed by the FAI -Fondo Ambiente Italiano- in 2011 and dedicated to Saint Francis – is a place of harmony, silence, and peace in 64 hectares of pure nature.

Along the path crossing the ancient Benedictine complex of Santa Croce (Saint Cross), you glimpse the rests of the hospital, of the monastery, of the Romanichal church, of the mill, and of the ancient factory-tower from where you admire the Terzo Paradiso – “Third Paradise” -, a land-art work by maestro Michelangelo Pistoletto.

It is a mystic place -ideal for a spiritual route- with a wonderful view, an interior walk into the nature, the history, capable of deeply seducing the soul.

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