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Monte Cucco Park

Monte Cucco Park is an Apennine mountain system dominated by Monte Catria (5,600ft). Its Umbrian side descends up to via Flaminia, where it is possible to see some important remains of the Roman period. It is the “womb of the Apennines” with a complex hypogean system, karst phenomena, underground waters leading to the civic aqueducts, to the mineral springs and flowing into the River Sentino.

The Park is rich in fossils and impaired woods. It is the Park of mountain sports: gliding, speleology, cross-country skiing.

Monte Cucco is also and especially the caves park. There are hundreds of all shapes and sizes, long, long, deep and very deep, but both have large interests geological, geomorphological, speleogenetic, hydrology, wildlife, paleontological, and historical palaeoethnological.

The most imposing karstic phenomenon is surely the Cave of Monte Cucco, a vast underground system that extends for over 30 km, reaching a maximum depth of 923 m.

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