Symbolic ceremony

Wedding with a symbolic ceremony in Italy

The wedding with a symbolic ceremony is a widespread option together with the civil and religious ceremony. The great advantage of the symbolic wedding is that it can be done joined to the official ceremony. The fact that it is not a legal procedure doesn’t prevent a magical atmosphere to the ceremony and gives a spiritual meaning to this event.

To get married with a symbolic ceremony doesn’t mean to renounce the common traditions of the wedding, but it gives to the couple the possibility of personalizing – according to one’s tastes – the most beautiful day of their life.

Another advantage is the location, because the symbolic ceremony can be taken in private locations, well known or completely unknown, far away but unique. The most romantic promise of marriage you were dreaming is celebrating your wedding with a symbolic ceremony, where and when you want, by yourselves or with all the guests you wish to invite.

The symbolic wedding emphasizes the union of the betrothed couple, in contact with nature, and it is for this reason they prefer – for their symbolic wedding – unknown locations, and not affected at all. The contact with nature has to be deep, as it is the foundation of the spiritual union of the couple.

It is surely the best way to express and share with your close friends and relatives the reciprocal love, immersed in an exclusive environment.

Villamena will offer you all the above aspects, which will be privileges for the betrothed couples who’ll choose to get married with a symbolic ceremony in Assisi, Umbria, Italy.

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