Wedding in church in Assisi

An unforgettable ceremony for your wedding in Assisi

How much important is it in your religious wedding your promise of marriage? In Assisi you can choose a civil wedding or in Villamena a symbolic wedding, but to crown the best day of your life, if you wish to celebrate it in church, nothing is better than celebrate it in Assisi. The town of Assisi contains extraordinary examples of architecture, we would like to introduce you to three churches which, in our opinion, are in Umbria unique examples of elegance and sobriety (on style).

Those who arrive in Assisi from Perugia through the valley of Topino and Chiascio rivers, notices nowadays the same monuments which in medieval characterize the skyline of the down: Saint Francis on the west, Saint Rufino and Saint Clare on the east and above all the profile of the castle that is “Rocca Maggiore”.

The Papal Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi

Francis was born in 1181 of a rich family of merchants who gave him a wealthy life. He was a knight and fought in the war against Perugia but in a short time he abounded this way of living and followed the spirit of the gospel stripping the clothes from his body in the main square under the archbishop’s eyes. He spent a long time with lepers and travelled away refusing any kind of possession and founding the strict rule which obliged him to be poor in the middle of weak people despised by everyone. The building of Saint Francis in Assisi was realized in two storeys starting in 1235. It was consecrated by pope Innocenz becoming the most important Basilica in Umbria. The body of Saint Francis was put inside the lower Basilica and then hidden for fear they could steal it. It was in the XIII century the Basilica reached its greatest standard of artistic level: Giunta Pisano, Pietro Cavallini, Pietro Lorenzetti, Simone Martini, Cimabue and his most important pupil Giotto reached Umbria to in order to realize frescoes and paintings representing the life of the Saint of Assisi.

The Saint Clare of Assisi Catholic Church

Clare of Assisi was a “new woman” in the Umbrian environment of the XIII century. In Clare the wind of life she led, the same one of Francis, were innovation of the spirit of gospel. She was born in Assisi and spent some years in Perugia: in 1212 she came back and lived in Saint Damiano, rebuilt by Francis. For her clear and noble personality she has been compared with Francis in the feminine. She was a woman full of life, unified in love. The tomb of Saint Clare of Assisi was built outside the city walls, in Saint George church, where Francis was provisionally buried and where she was buried on the 12th of August 1253. The church of Saint George was outside the homonymous gate of the town, a little lower the road to Spello. Between the street and the church there was a hospital added to the church. It was in 1259 that the mortal remains were moved into the new cathedral. The façade towards the square is umbrella-shaped, and against it rampant arches lean. The rosette has been recently restored, as well as the beautiful glass-windows on the side walls. The inside, less decorated than the Basilica of Saint Francis, is very suggestive with the barrel-vaults, of which one is frescoed by Umbrian masters.

The Cathedral of Saint Rufino in Assisi

Rufino was the first archbishop of Assisi, he was martyrized by the Romans who burned him at the stake and drowned his body in the river Chiascio. In 1134 the cathedral was built in honour of the martyred bishop of Assisi Rufino, in a Romanesque style: the façade is a wonderful example of it. Inside the church the predominant style is the baroque. Near the sacristy og this church, for a local tradition Saint Francis has been seen ascending to heaven on a fiery chariot. The font of this church has been used to baptize Saint Francis, Saint Clare and the emperor Federico the II Hohenstaufen.

These three churches are surely the most wonderful venues to make your religious wedding in Umbria unforgettable.

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